About Me

I am the wife of a Youth Pastor/Football Coach, a mom to three very active (and loud) young boys, and a Financial Stewardship Coach, blogging about our journey to obtain financial freedom (debt-free) while empowering other families to do the same.

I am passionate about life and making sure I am a good steward over everything God entrusted me with—not just with my husband and kids, but with my finances as well.  He gave us all unique gifts and a ton of things to steward and I want to ensure I multiply everything He entrusted me with to the fullest.

I did not always feel this way.  I just wanted to live a good life, work a 9-5, make good money, marry the man of my dreams and have great (well-mannered) kids; but, life never goes as planned.  Yes, I have a great life. I was able to marry the man of my dreams and I have great kids. Well mannered? Well, it depends on the time of day and the people you ask. But life never goes as planned.

After landing what I thought was my dream engineering job, quitting after three years, going back to school (while tripling my student loans), and starting a new profession that did not pay “engineering money”, I have learned (the hard way) about managing money. After getting married, paying off all credit card bills and auto loans, then having kids and getting back into credit card debt, I am now even more focused to live on a budget, only spend what I have, and eliminate debt. Yes, it can be frustrating and sometimes we make mistakes along the way, but the key is we are moving towards financial freedom.

We make mistakes, we get back up.

We get frustrated, we focus on the the goal.

A stumbling block may come along the way, but we overcome it and keep it moving.

Why? Because we want to live out our purpose and not have money halt us from doing so.

This blog details our journey and provides families tips, tools and strategies on ways to eliminate debt, set goals, walk in purpose, create multiple streams of income while demonstrating how it all interrelates to everyday life with family. I want to educate and equip YOU to obtain financial freedom and encourage YOU to not just build a financial legacy, but leave one as well!

Join us on our journey and begin by reading how we paid off thousands of dollars of debt and funded our emergency savings in less than two years and sign up to receive our freebie to kick-start your journey.

I would love to hear from you. You may email me at pturner@petrinaturner.com anytime and I will personally respond back. Let’s become financially free together and leave something other than bills to our children…let’s leave a financial legacy.

Professional Biography

Petrina Turner is a wife and mom of three boys—Jadon (8), Jordan (7) and Justin (4).  She has been helping families change the way they perceive and behave towards money, leading them to create financial plans and eliminate debts.  She has coached families in one-on-one settings and has also hosted workshops for various organizations.

Petrina has a degree from North Carolina A&T State University in Industrial Engineering and holds a Master’s in Urban Studies from Savannah State University.

Planning and helping others has always been a part of her DNA and she has a family history of sharing knowledge and training others (her father is a pastor of 30+ years and mother a former teacher’s aid). She is passionate about educating and equipping families to obtain financial freedom while encouraging them to create multiple streams of income and build a financial legacy.

She has been featured in the Huffington Post as one of 15 Mompreneurs Growing Dynamic Businesses, podcasted with His & Her Money, and written articles for Black and Married with Kids. Her financial tips, strategies and tools can be found at www.petrinaturner.com.

She and her family reside in Savannah, Georgia.  She enjoys reading, trying new recipes and spending time with her husband and their three boys (preferably on a beach).