Back to the Basics Financial Series

I am elated that I am living in an era when there is an “App” for nearly everything. Having an app that will allow me to check off my “To Do’s” for the day, to having an app that reminds me to transfer money into my savings, it is mind boggling to determine what we would do without our gadgets. Although, I am grateful for all of the ingenious tech tools that help me manage my life easier, I marvel at how our parents and grandparents held “life” together with just a simple pen, paper and basic common sense.

Over the next few weeks, we are going “Back to the Basics” in our household finances. We are going to delve into topics such as spending, saving, budgeting and using our gifts to bring in additional income and we are doing it the old fashion way. Our grandparents did not have credit cards to use to get new tires when they went flat . They either used the money they already had tucked in between their mattresses or took the bus until they saved up enough money to buy new tires. And guess what, their way of spending (and saving) worked! Although they made much less than we make, they managed their money well and as a result, they were better off financially than our generation. Why? If they could not use cash to make a purchase, they did not make a purchase.

So, this month, we will discuss how to work our way towards Financial Freedom, so we can live the life of our dreams. We are going “Back to the Basics”! So, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because we will have some Free Giveaways each week!

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