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I love helping people get their finances in order, dig their way out of debt, save for a rainy day and leave something other than bills to their children. My goal is to help families leave a financial legacy. That’s what my husband and I debt-free journey has been all about.

I am available to educate and equip families to become financially free while encouraging them to use the skills and talents to create additional streams of income via:

  • Conducting workshops/training sessions for churches, non-profits and businesses/organizations (Contact me at
  • Hosting one-on-one sessions for individuals and/or couples who need assistance with budgeting and eliminating debt Click Here to Schedule
  • Host one-on-one Pick My Brain sessions for individuals needing assistance in creating multiple streams of income and developing their “Side Hustle”. Click Here to Schedule
  • Hosting online training courses (COMING SOON!)

If you would like my assistance with any of the above, please email me at I will personally contact you as soon as possible.

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