Favorite Tools


If you want to know some of the products, services and businesses I use on a day to day basis, Look No Further! Below is who I used to start a blog, capture emails, create an Amazon store and others. I love the products that are on this list and hope you will enjoy them as well.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business Over a Weekend E-book, Petrina Turner: So I am a little bias, but I created my very own e-book which walks you through the steps of starting your own business. When I FINALLY decided to take the leap of my own, I had no idea where to begin? What is a Tax ID number and where do I get one? Should I get a Tax ID first or a Business License first? If you want to start a business, this E-book is for YOU. And it is only $9.95. Download your copy TODAY.

BLUEHOST: In starting a business, I definitely recommend having a website, particularly a blog. It gives you an opportunity to market what you do while giving valuable information to your clients/customers. If you are looking to start a blog (WordPress), try Bluehost! They are affordable and have great customer service. Click here to begin your blogging website today.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: If you have a blog and want to earn income, then this online course is for YOU! In it, Michelle details the steps she took to start earning money and is now earning over $50,000/month in affiliate income. I recently completed the modules and have already began earning extra income myself.

Aweber: If you have a website, it is very important to collect email addresses on it. I have used Aweber for nearly two years now and I love them. I can easily set-up, schedule and send out emails whenever I want to let my readers know I have a new blog or product available. Try Aweber to collect email addresses.

Amazon aStore, How to Profit with AmazonNicole Walters: Looking to set-up an Amazon Store so you can began making money, but do not know where to begin? Then Nicole Walters “How to Profit With Amazon” course is for you. I love any course that Nicole Walters puts out because they are always simple, given with great instructions and packed with great information. To know how to create your own store on Amazon, purchase Nicole Walter’s Amazon aStore, How to Profit with Amazon.