Favorite Tools


If you want to know some of the products, services and businesses I use on a day to day basis, Look No Further! Below is what I did start my business, create a blog a blog, capture emails, sell digital products and others. I love the products that are on this list and hope you will enjoy them as well.

BLUEHOST: In starting a business, I definitely recommend having a website, particularly a blog. It gives you an opportunity to market what you do while giving valuable information to your clients/customers. If you are looking to start a blog (WordPress), try Bluehost! They are affordable and have great customer service. Click here review my step-by-step tutorial to starting a blog.



Mailerlite: If you have a website, it is very important to collect email addresses on it. I am currently using Mailerlite. I can easily set-up, schedule and send out emails whenever I want to let my readers know I have a new blog or available products. And if you are just getting started and have a small email list, it is FREE!  Try Mailerlite to collect email addresses.




Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: If you have a blog and want to earn income, then this online course is for YOU! In it, Michelle details the steps she took to start earning money and is now earning over $50,000/month in affiliate income. I recently completed the modules and I love Michelle! Try it today!


Digit: If you need a little extra push to save for a Rainy Day, Digit is such a great service to use. We have literally saved hundreds of dollars within a few months by using it. Digit just looks at your spending activity and moves small amounts of money into a separate account. It has been great for us and I always recommend it as one of the best financial services to use while on the road to financial freedom! Get Digit!