TesheI have been in business since 2010 but have recently made the commitment to re-launch my brand and website.  Petrina’s knowledgeable one-on-one “Pick My Brain” coaching has definitely made the process much easier!  I have been able to comfortably ask questions about building my business, establishing an online presence, and creating products/services to monetize my business.  Also, the follow-up sessions have increased my business sense and have allowed me to begin accomplishing my entrepreneurial goals.  I’m GOOD and working on Being FREE!  Petrina Turner is a God-send!

Teshe Shuman, ED.s, Owner
LIKES (Learning Is Key Educational Services)

Petrina’s services are awesome! She has encouraged me in more than a thousand ways. I’m 26 years old and I’m on the road to becoming debt free now!!! The journey isn’t hard when you’re determined. Thanks, Petrina! May God bless you and your household on this journey to prosperity.

Christian Carter, Salon Owner

Clear Hair Studio