We All Need a Support System

3 Reasons Why Having A Community is So Important

Recently, I was able to catch up with a friend/former co-worker for lunch and it was such a refresher. After catching up on life, family and others, we were able to share what we were currently doing in personally and in our careers. My friend, a consultant as well, was able to listen to my aspirations, help put me on the right track in planning and showing me how she can help me reach my goals (as a consultant herself). After lunch, I was so excited that I immediately went back to refine my goals and ensure I was on the right path in marching towards my goals.

It was then when I realized that we all need some type of support system or “community.” We all need someone to motivate, coach, encourage and assist us in reaching our goals. Whether it is a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a friend or a mentor, we all could use someone to nudge us into ensuring we are working towards our life’s mission.

Here are three reasons why I believe we all need a “community”.

  1. We need someone from the outside helping us develop, define and even refine some of our goals or action steps. Let’s face it, when we come up with an idea or a dream, most of us think we have the best ideas EVER. Sometimes, we need someone on the outside, to help wheel us in and help us plan our “baby steps” to reach our goals.
  2. We need someone to encourage us when our plans do not go as planned or even completely backfire. Although I believe, we all should plan, we have to remember these are “our” plans and may not be “God’s plan” (right now). So when our plans are altered, we can get discouraged and sometimes we need someone “talk us off the ledge” and stop us from quitting. A good support system will help ensure that we will not throw in the towel.
  3. Lastly, we need someone(s) that we are accountable to. There is nothing worse when someone calls, emails or text you and asks “Did you finish…?” and you have to tell them “no”. Having someone to report to will aid in ensuring that we are sticking to the plan.

Research proves that people are more likely to abort a bad habit, instill a good habit and accomplish set goals when they are in a community. This is why Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs have worked for years—there is power in a community.

Do you have anyone who will hold you accountable in accomplishing your goals? Do you have people you can talk to when you get discouraged in reaching your dreams? Whether it is starting a business, getting out of debt, losing weight or just finishing your degree, find a support system who will help push you to the next level and help you finish “your race”. It starts with a community.

If you have a support group that helps you accomplish the above, Share and Comment.