5 Reasons Why I Quit My Job

  1. I was tired
  2. My kids were tired
  3. My husband was tired
  4. We all were tired
  5. But I, I was extremely tired

I am sure I am not the only one who can attest to the above. From working 9+ hour days, leaving work to pick up three kids from two different locations (with two typically being the last ones to be picked up from after-school care) to realizing I forgot to take something out to cook AGAIN, but I do not have time to stop because the boys are already late for football practice and we still have to run home, change clothes and drop them off. After completing that task, trying to determine which restaurant has half off of something (wings, kids’ meals, anything!!!) and placing a call-in order. Run to get the food, come back pick up the kids from practice, get home eat, attempt to do homework and/or study for spelling, vocabulary, trick word quiz or all of the above; have everyone take a shower and get them to bed. By now, it is after 10pm and I still need to wash a load of clothes so the boys can have socks and t-shirts for the week, spend time with the hubster, get work done for my side hustle, and wind down enough to go to sleep, only to start all over again in five hours.

Am I the only one that got tired just from reading this? Probably not, because I know this is the story of most moms (and dads) lives. Being a mom is WORK. And I am sure there are moms who are doing everything seamlessly, while having their makeup on “fleek” and doing it all with red bottoms on, but that is NOT my testimony. There were many days when I did not know if I was coming or going. And the word “tired” only described the first half of my day, pure “exhaustion” described the second half.

So, after my husband and I began to discuss our family goals, business goals and overall life goals, through prayer, we decided I could come home. And not come home to just be a “mommy”, but come home to be a full-time “Mommyprenuer”- to work on my business while the boys are in school and still have the extra three plus hours between picking up them up from the car rider line at 3pm instead of after school care at 5:55pm and having time to do homework BEFORE going to football or basketball practice instead of after.

I will say, making this decision was not easy. Although, I was stretched on a daily basis and yearned for the day I could focus on both my family and my side hustle, when my husband jumped on board, FEAR crept in and so many doubts plagued my mind.

What if we do not have enough money to make this work?

We are still on our journey to paying off debt, will this decision significantly delay it?

Now, there will be no excuse to making this “side hustle” work!

I am really going to miss the 15th and the 31st!

Although, I had these thoughts, I also knew when God says “move”, I better “move”. And if it does not work out the way I think it should, at least I JUMPED. I never want to be the person who looks back over their lives with woulda, coulda, shouldas. If He has given me the opportunity to JUMP and we have prepared for the JUMP along the way, then we are going to JUMP. Yes, we may get a little dirty or even bruised along the way, but it is all apart of the JUMP. I have no idea how or where we will land, but it is not for me to figure out, all can do is JUMP and have the faith to know that God will lead us through this next season of our lives AND “to work like it all depends on me and pray like it all depends on God” (Mark Batterson).

So, follow us on our journey as I blog about the JUMP– the good, the bad and the ugly–from the “he’s looking at me” to my couponing excursions. I pray this journey will encourage other families to create a plan, work the plan, step out on faith and JUMP. I did it, now let’s see how we land.