3 Ways to Handle the Busyness of Life

Without Spending a Ton of Money

One of the biggest struggles I have as a wife, a mom, an employee, a striving entrepreneur, and just an overall Christian woman is knowing how to balance all of the duties and responsibilities that comes with all of the many hats I wear. From the start of the day to the end of the day, after working, picking up kids, cooking/picking up food, helping with homework, getting the kids ready for bed, working on my “side hustle”, spending time with the “hubster” and attempting to sleep without my mind racing about starting this all over again.  Just thinking about…

“Did I put the clothes in the dryer? Nope! Now I have to re-wash the clothes…AGAIN”

“What are we going to eat tomorrow? Let me get out of the bed and take the chicken out and let it unthaw in the refrigerator.”

“Did I sign my child’s reading log today?”

“Did my child read today?”

“Note to self: Don’t forget to pick up snacks for Children’s church on Sunday.”

“What am I wearing tomorrow?”

I mean, it’s a wonder I get any sleep at night.

Although there is never a dull moment in my life, with all the constant busyness of “Our So-Called Life”, I would not change it for the world!

I love being the wife to a loving husband.

I love being a mom to three boys.

I love being able to help with homework.

And I am grateful I have a job that allows me to pay off debt.

But with all the love and gratefulness, I sometimes need a break! As a wife, a mom, and all the other titles I have, sometimes I just need to steal away and just enjoy “Petrina”—the woman! I need to get some alone time…some “Me” time…some quiet time. So, what do I do to take some time to gather myself without spending money? Here are three tips!

  1. Share. Find another woman you trust who you can share some of your concerns with. Someone who will not run to the phone to tell your business, but get on their knees and spill the beans to God. You need a prayer partner. A person who will tell you the truth in love. A person who will encourage you and tell you “this too shall pass.” A person who will give you Godly wisdom and will tell you when you are wrong. I am grateful that I have that in my sister who always sees “the light at the end of the tunnel” and who will also put my “worry” on her prayer wall. She, my cousin (who is like my sister) and I have always “shared”, prayed, laughed, cried with one another and even now hold each other accountable. We all need someone who we trust and who we can confide in. If you do not have someone like this in your life, pray and ask God to send that person to you. We all need a prayer warrior fighting on our behalf.
  2. Write. Writing is therapeutic for me. When something is really bothering me, jotting down my thoughts on paper helps me to release stress. But I just do not write the stresses of life, I write down the joys of life. Why? It helps keeps me balanced. For every “pity party” I write, I try to also write down a “grateful thought.” For every complaint I have, I try to also remember the joys of life. I write like I am talking to God which brings me to the next point.
  3. Pray. If I can’t do anything else. When you can’t share (some things we do not need to share); when you can’t write (sometimes I can’t find the words to say), when you feel overwhelmed or underappreciated; overworked or just burdened down, I know I can take all of my concerns, fears, distresses, and worries to the Lord in prayer. Whether it is attempting to write it all out in my journal or crying it out in my car, knowing that I serve a God who wants me to talk to Him brings me comfort. Understanding that He is concerned with my worries, that He genuinely loves me and will do any and everything to ensure I have the best, allows me to take a step back and realize no matter my situation, God is so good! He is always working on my behalf. He is always working behind the scene. He Knows All, Sees All and wants the Best for Us…ALL

Sharing, Writing and Praying is how I make it through the good, the bad and the ugly days. I am so grateful I have a loving sister and cousins who will “talk me off the ledge” when I am down, a good, waterproof journal (lol) where I can write my concerns and joys of life down and a loving God I can talk to any time, any day, without judgement. This is what keeps me sane through the busyness of life and it does not cost a thing!

So, moms, wives, teachers, entrepreneurs, business women, and sisters, find inexpensive ways you can relieve stress, worries, concerns and burdens. We all go through periods in our lives where we just need relief. Find that Godly woman, a good journal and just take it to the Lord in prayer!

What do you do as a wife, mom or just as a woman with numerous hats to relieve stress? Share so we can all benefit.