3 Tips to Staying Encouraged While on the Road to Financial Freedom

If you have been following me for some time, you know our financial goal is to become completely debt-free. Not just so we can travel the world and live a life without worrying how we are going to pay a bill, but so we can leave something other than bills to our children—we want to leave a financial legacy. We also want to leave better spending habits to our kids, leave the gift of living out our passion, and leave the gift of serving others while being a good steward over all God has gifted us.

Sounds good in theory, but trust me, the process of getting out of debt has been difficult! It has involved changing everything I have learned, seen and behaved towards money. This process has included making a conscious decision on what I should or should not purchase, recognizing my needs versus my wants, and has included saying “no” to the some of the things I really, really wanted to say “yes” to. This process has been one of the hardest journeys I have experienced; not just because I have had to curtail my spending habits, but because even in all of the financial planning we do, there are times when nothing seems to go as planned.