2017 Holiday Guide on a Budget

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but many of the Black Friday sales will continue throughout the holiday season. Although we do not fight through the malls and stores to get the greatly-reduced TV or handbag, we will set our alarms for midnight on Thanksgiving with gifts already in our “shopping cart” ready to hit “Buy” as the prices are reduced online.

You see, we have a “Christmas Budget” and before the holidays we determine who will get what and look for the Black Friday Sales (and any other sale) to determine how we can stay UNDER budget. This year we were able to catch some unbelievable bargains as we shopped online for our kids, parents and ourselves. Check out these great gifts we purchased on Amazon and Target this weekend and determine if these bargains are within your Christmas budget!

What You Need to Know About the Equifax Security Breach

If you have been reading the paper or watching the news, you are aware of the security breach via Equifax which put millions of Americans in danger of identity theft. For those who may not know, Equifax is one of three consumer credit reporting agencies that collects and computes credit related data for individuals as well as for businesses. On, September 7, 2017, Equifax announced a cyber security breach which took place between May 2017 through July 2017.

Why should we be concerned?

Well, this breach gave cyber-criminals access to 143 million Americans’ personal data to include social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and for some, driver’s license numbers.

What can you do?

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The Quickest Way to get Out of Debt

The Trickle Down Effect

Get Completely Out of Debt in 7 Years” was the tagline my former boss and co-worker read for a Continuing Education class at one of the local universities. It sounded absurd, but they were intrigued by the tagline and decided to spend the $20 to register for the workshop.  Needless to say, they enjoyed the class so much that my boss set-up a one-day departmental training so the entire department could use the tricks of eliminating debt.


Courtesy of dollarphotoclub.com

By the middle of our training, I, too, was convinced that my husband and I could become debt-free. What was the trick to eliminating debt so quickly? Well, I now know, it is what Dave Ramsey calls the “Debt Snowball” Method (I call it the “Trickle Down Effect”).

How does it work?