Update: How we paid off over $40,000 worth of debt in 21 months

Podcast Interview with His and Her Money

Tallying up debt, creating an emergency savings or just developing a spending plan can all seem like daunting and unattainable tasks. But we can attest, not only is creating a plan to get out of debt attainable, working the plan IS ACHIEVABLE! How do I know? Because we are currently on our journey of paying off all of our debt. Within the last 21 months, we have paid off over $40,000 worth of debt. Although we still have a ways to go, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was honored to be a guest podcaster America’s Leading Money Couple’s website–His and Her Money. Click here to listen to the podcast and learn what we have done and continue to do to eliminate debt. Click here to listen to podcast.

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