3 Tools for the Busy Mom that will Save Time & Money


It does not matter if you are a “working mom”, a “stay-at-home mom” or even a “homeschool mom”, if the word “mom” is used to describe one of your many roles within your family, “busy” should always preface the word “mom” in any sentence.

From dropping off kids at school, to picking up kids from swim practice; from searching Pinterest for new recipes to ending up making the same quick pot of spaghetti you made last week; we are always “ripping and running” from here to there hoping and praying that our next vacation day would hurry up and get here.

After reading many articles about “busy families” and the stress of it all, I have begun my quest to slow down so I can enjoy life. I want to be able to look back and have beautiful memories of spending “quality” time with my family and not have to reminisce on how stressed out I was to get my boys to football practice, swimming lessons or tutorials. In my search for apps and tools to make my life easier and simpler, I have found five that can help save time, money or both.

  1. $5 Meals. One of the hardest part of being a working mom for me has been planning, shopping and preparing dinner. I am definitely a proponent to sitting down at the dinner table and eating meals together as family. But with all of the extra-curricular activities, full-time jobs and side-hustles, sometimes having a home cooked meal together does not happen as often as I would like. Not just because I do not have the time to cook, but because I do not do a good job at planning to cook. I was recently introduced to $5 Meals which helps with all of the planning. For $5/month, you receive a weekly meal plan to include five budget friendly dinner recipes plus a shopping list. Perfect for the busy mom.
  2. Digits. One of my favorites tools to save money. This app connects to your bank account to find ways to save small amounts of money daily. It transfers small amounts of “digits” to a Digit account and texts/emails you how much you saved on each transfer. Although the amounts may be small, by the end of each month you can save $30-$50 (or at least I have). Multiply that amount times 12-months and you can have $600 saved for your Rainy Day Fund. I love using Digits as a way to add additional money into our Emergency Savings. Great for saving!
  3. Ebates. If you do any kind of online shopping, Ebates is for you! Ebates allows you to use coupons/discounts, promotional codes and cash back on stores you would typically purchase various items online. I have used Ebates not only for coupons, but for cash back deals as well. For example, I used Turbo Tax to complete my taxes, since I connected Ebates to Turbo Tax, I was able to get a discount on my filing fee plus get cash back for using Ebates. I won TWICE! I have done this with purchases at a variety of stores…from JC Penny to Walmart. It has been a great tool to using in saving me money on purchases I was already going to make and in earning cash back. Love this tool!

There are plenty of apps and other tools that help moms save time and money, but these have been the ones that have made my busy life a little simpler and less stressful. Plus, anytime I can save time, money or both, I am all for it.

Are there any apps you use to help make your life stress-free, comment so we can try it!